Fundraising with fresh roasted artisan coffee

About Fundraising

How it Works

Whether you’re looking to raise funds for your sports team, school organization, or just want to give a unique, personalized gift at your next event, fundroast provides fresh- roasted, premium artisan coffee complete with custom labeled bags that represent YOU.

Custom Labeled Coffee Bag

Custom Labeled Coffee

Create a customized label and name for your coffee that captures the spirit and mission of your cause on your fundroast web app.

No Expenses

No Out of Pocket Expenses

We have built our company so that you pay no up-front costs. Each 2lb bag is $30. You keep $12 from each bag! After the fundraiser is finished we send coffee and a check from fundroast. Easy and effective.

fundRoast Application

WebApp for Online Sales

The fundroast web app makes it easy for customers to buy coffee with the click of a button, and it makes creating, managing, and promoting your fundraiser easy! share the link on social media, newsletters and your website.

fundroast is artisan coffee roasted in the NW available in custom labeled bags with no up from cost to you.

How to Start Your Fundraiser

1. Start your fundraiser:

Custom design your campaign and coffee bag label.

2. We can send custom order forms if you want.

You sell coffee for your fundraiser and collect the money for each bag of coffee sold. Send orders through email or mail.

3. Coffee delivered to you.

Give us 5 days. We roast your coffee, bag it, seal it, label it and send it off. At no cost to you.

About Coffee


Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, fundroast uses the best sustainably harvested Coffee arabica on the planet. From the high-elevation tropical regions of Central and South America, to the famed highlands of Ethiopia (where coffee originally comes from), our beans are hand-selected and meticulously roasted in our own downtown facilities to deliver you an extraordinarily full-bodied and complex coffee. We respect the entire process, from farm to worker to you and the good causes you support.

Nora Seale Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch

At Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, we love coffee! What a pleasure it is to sell great coffee that also benefits our organization. Fundroast provides wonderful personal service and demonstrates that they care for and are interested in our ministry. Thank you Fundroast!

Duncan Tonroe, Age 13 Powel Butte, Grade 8

I would like to thank you and Fundroast for giving our club the opportunity to use your about-coffee. Our club would like to work with you again because we had such a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Fundroast to other groups or clubs that are wanting to raise money.

Ron Basada Bend Senior High Altitude Dance Team

I will continue use Fundroast as long as I am coaching, and I will recommend Fundroast to any group/company/club/team that need to acquire extra capital.

Three Rivers School

We loved the fact you were able to involve one of our students by choosing their artwork for the label of your coffee. It created quite a buzz around school and our community!

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