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About Fundraising

How it works

Whether you’re looking to raise funds to help your school band, out to aid a local organization in their good work or just want to give a really cool gift at your next event that gives some good back to your community; fundroast offers the perfect blend that can raise funds and help a worthy cause, all while giving people something they really want, fresh-roasted, super-premium, artisan coffee.

Custom Labeled Coffee Bag

Custom Labeled Coffee

fundroast has built an app that will allow you to create the perfect label that captures the spirit and mission of your good cause. You also get to name your coffee. Sweet!

No Expenses

No Out of Pocket Expenses

fundroast sends you coffee up front at no initial cost, so you have samples to show and sell and get orders for more. It makes selling easy!

fundRoast Application

WebApp for Online Sales

fundroast You will be able to manage your campaign from our custom webapp. Create a new fundraising campaign, custom label and kep track of your sales.

fundroast is an artisan coffee. Fresh roasted in Bend, Oregon
and available in custom labeled bags with no up from cost to you.

Start Your Fundraiser

Getting started is extremely simple. There are no upfront costs. Here is how it works

Set 3 dates

Begginning of fundraiser
End of fundraiser
Date for coffee delivery to you

Get custom order form

You sell coffee for your team fundraiser and collect the money for each bag of coffee sold.

Coffee delivered to you

We either allow you to pick up your coffee locally at Thump Coffee or if you are not in the area we ship your coffee to you. Delivery is no cost to you.

About Coffee


Fresh roasted artisan coffee

Located in the Coffee-Thumping Heart of the Pacific Northwest, fundroast takes coffee very seriously and lovingly. And no one takes it more seriously than our CCR (Chief Coffee Roaster). He loves the tropical shrubs, trees, bees, birds and farmers that pick the beautiful red coffee berries; He loves the weight of a 50lb burlap bag of green coffee beans, the blending, roasting, smelling, tasting and testing and every other part of the process that culminates in his beloved shot of espresso.

From the high-elevation tropical regions of Central and South America, to the famed Highlands of Africa (where coffee originally comes from), fundroast searches the Earth for the best sustainably harvested, Coffea Arabica on the planet. Our beans are hand-selected and meticulously roasted in our own facility to deliver to you an extraordinarily full-bodied and complex coffee, respectful of the entire process from farm, to worker, to you and the good causes you support.

Fundraising with Coffee

  • Artisan coffee
  • Custom bag labels
  • WebApp for your campaigns
  • No up front costs
  • Easy to get started
Nora Seale Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch

At Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, we love coffee! What a pleasure it is to sell great coffee that also benefits our organization. Fundroast provides wonderful personal service and demonstrates that they care for and are interested in our ministry. Thank you Fundroast!

Duncan Tonroe, Age 13 Powel Butte, Grade 8

I would like to thank you and Fundroast for giving our club the opportunity to use your about-coffee. Our club would like to work with you again because we had such a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Fundroast to other groups or clubs that are wanting to raise money.

Ron Basada Bend Senior High Altitude Dance Team

I will continue use Fundroast as long as I am coaching, and I will recommend Fundroast to any group/company/club/team that need to acquire extra capital.

Three Rivers School

We loved the fact you were able to involve one of our students by choosing their artwork for the label of your coffee. It created quite a buzz around school and our community!

Meet the Team

At  fundroast we love great coffee and supporting great causes!
The creative minds at fundroast are hard at work to ensure
that your fundraising experience will be streamlined to be
the best possible experience for you.


Daniel Cordell

Interactive Designer
Systems Strategist
King of the Beards
Josh s

Josh Shelton

Fundraiser Consultant
Sales Representative
Generally Handsome Fella
Josh c

Josh Cordell

Fundraiser Consultant
Sports Coach

Luke Sheridan

Web Developer
Cool Dude

Jordan Boston

Design Ninja
Code Warrior
Spicy Food Fanatic

Creativity & Passion

Perhaps we have had one too many cups of coffee over here, but we are energized and excited to see what lies in store for schools, non-profits and many other great causes that will benefit from doing fundraisers with fundroast.

We love what we do, and that flows down to you. Hey that rhymes, cool.

fundroast has an excellent dedicated team that are driven by a passion to build a sustainable platform that will help countless people to meet their fundraising goals and drive the philanthropic effort forward. In combining our creativity and vision we believe that fundroast will not only be a strong viable business that can thrive for years to come, it will bless people with an extremely simple way to raise funds with no up-front costs or risk.

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